Twinological Training & the Fitness Lifestyle

Realize that fitness is a life long journey. By eating a sensible diet and following the training plan that works for you, you will continue to understand yourself and develop a better mind and body.

With that said, also know that there are great people helping others in the world, yet they do not always focus on their own health and wellness. If you feel that you do not have enough time, focus or energy in your daily life, we encourage you to take care of your own health program first so you may serve and help others to the best of your ability. We are here to help get you started and motivated on building a better, healthier you. Let’s get right to it!

Twinological Training & the Fitness Lifestyle
As personal life coaches in fitness, we emphasize to clients that to reach their sculpting and fitness goals, they must include five components of fitness in their weekly schedules:

  • Weight Training (anaerobic training)
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Cardiovascular training (aerobic training)
  • Stretching and Muscle Movement
  • Rest

Including these basic components of fitness in your daily schedule will allow you to live a quality fitness lifestyle and attain your goals of looking and feeling attractive, healthy and fit. While you cannot allow your pursuit of fitness to consume all your time and overwhelm your educational, family, career and other life goals, once you have determined that you are going to include a fitness program into your everyday routine, it is important to plan ahead and make your training sessions, nutritional requirements and rest a priority in your weekly schedule.

Twinological Training Feature Articles
To help you “Train for the Sport of Life,” we will be posting feature articles on every aspect of training and building your fitness lifestyle. Check back soon!


Fitness Twins Fit TipsFitness Twins Fit Tips

Blast your way to the best you can be! To help you reach your goals, we offer the Fitness Twins FIT TIPS, our insights into Training for the Sport of Life!

Fitness Twins Fit Tips

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