Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym Review

Home gym equipment is typically big, clumsy, and immovable. That creates a problem for the average person. It’s hard enough if you live in an average size home to make space for such a cumbersome piece of equipment, but for anyone in an apartment, condominium or mobile home, forget it. It just isn’t feasible to bring in something so large. It won’t even fit. The Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym solves many problems for people with limited space, but it has many other advantages over traditional weight stations as well.

Size Does Matter

At only 53 inches wide and 65 inches deep, the Bio force 1.7 Home Gym fits in just about the smallest of spaces. Add to that, the fact that this all-around workout center only weighs in at 187 pounds, it is possible to move it to another area when needed. The average home gym with weight stacks and multiple stations weighs in well over 900 pounds. That makes the Bio Force a true lightweight in the world of heavyweight performance equipment. Don’t let its size fool you, however. The Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym is more than capable of delivering plenty of power and lots of punch. You will enjoy all of the same workout capabilities of the larger machines, in a more compact and lighter system.

Where Is the Power?

The way Bio Force manages to make such a powerful machine so lightweight is by doing away with the ordinary slabs of steel weights that are common in home gym weight stacks. Instead, it uses “Total Nitrocell Technology” (TNT) to create a hydraulic style weight resistance that is encompassed in a few air chamber tubes. The nitrogen cylinders create a pressurized resistance that is just as fully-adjustable as weight plate style gym systems. Along with being much lighter, the cylinders make the Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym much safer for younger family members, and even adults who might get fingers caught between rising and falling plates on standard gyms.

How It Works

The Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym works much like any standard gym, except that instead of using a pin to lock in plates, users simply slide a locking mechanism along a power rod that changes the amount of resistance in the nitrogen chambers. The weight resistances are capable of between a mere 10 pounds and a maximum of 170 pounds of powerful resistance that can be changed to any intermediate level in seconds.

The easy changes make moving from one exercise to another much more simple than in weight stack style machines as well. There are still plenty of stations available in the single work center on the Bio Force 1.7. You get the ability to work arms, legs, abs, pecs all from one station, and can perform up to 100 exercises to thoroughly exercise your entire body.

Performance Instructions

The Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym comes with all you need to get started, even if you have never used a home gym before. There are a DVD and complete exercise charts that come with the system to help even a complete beginner be able to experience the best results from the Bio Force 1.7 and maintain proper form during each movement.


The unique power system of the Bio Force 1.7 Home gym is very similar to another very popular, revolutionary style of a home gym. It uses resistance in much the same manner as Bowflex does, although Bowflex uses power bands rather than compression cylinders. The resistance, however, is similar. What isn’t similar is the price. Consumers will find the Bio Force a much more consumer-friendly option, and a better entry-level machine due to its much lower price tag.

It is important for gym equipment developers to keep in mind that entry-level consumers, who genuinely want a good machine to get them started on a healthier lifestyle simply can’t justify thousands of dollars spent on a piece of equipment. While many may argue the value of the equipment, new users have to find the convincing arguments for themselves, and the people at Bio Force do a great service in giving the public a home gym that creates a positive experience, and great all-around workout so that new users can learn just how valuable that equipment is, and may come back later for a bigger, more advanced model if they have space.

Adjustable Seat

The seat on the Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym has two position adjustments to make it a good fit for any size user. It is well-padded and comfortable to use.

What Consumers Say About the Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym

On one popular shopping site alone there are 33 reviews of the Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym. Of those, only 1 is a negative review, and it is sparse in any real reasoning. In fact, the only thing that does seem apparent for the bad review is the user is a proponent of Bowflex.  All of the rest of the reviews there are 4 and 5 stars with the bulk of them being in the 5-star range. That is a massive show of support for this powerful little machine. Some samples of the opinions regarding the 1.7 Home Gym:

“I’ve had the Bio Force 1.7 for several months and I love it. It’s so easy to assemble I did it myself in under 2 hours.”

“Rock-solid quality, great stability, and outstanding performance.”

“Excellent and affordable home gym. Very smooth.”

“Better than any other home gym on the market. I recommend it highly.”

“Clearest instructions I’ve ever seen, and easy to assemble. I don’t care for the seat adjustment, but it does work. May not be enough weight resistance for bodybuilders, but it suits me just fine for regular workouts to stay in shape.”

Bottom Line

The Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym is perfect for anyone looking for a way to get started with a home gym that won’t swallow up their entire home. It’s affordable and its unique resistance system provides an excellent workout for anyone except maybe the most high-powered bodybuilder.  The Bio Force 1.7 often ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

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